Friday, July 6, 2012

The interim between the parade and the fireworks...

I've previously posted some photos of Dilly climbing a towel and Vada being a grumpus because she's not the cutest cat anymore, but I didn't show this somewhat post-apocalyptic-looking sunset:

june 2316

Nor did I make any mention of Dilly's habit of sleeping underneath Lou Ryan's guitar whenever he left it on the sofa:

june 2323

Nor did I post this cute video of Dilly chasing a moth. Will she catch it? Let's see:

Nor her discovery that Lou Ryan's foot makes good pillow:

june 2343

Tribble cat fallz down, and Lou Ryan's mom, Brianade and I all laugh like jackasses.

Dilly is not big into flowers:

june 2350

She's one of those kittens that looks so precious it's almost scary!

june 2351

Lying on my back on the porch one time, I was amazed by how awesome the sky looked and went into this weird state of meditation. I also eventually got my camera when Vada showed up:

june 2354

Did I also mention that Dilly loves playing with socks and washcloths to the point where she does flips?

July 1 featured a picnic in Seattle, and there were so many people to talk to! There was even a raffle and I won a book that seemed as though it would be cool, but it wasn't. I would have rather gotten the book written by a guy who was also at the raffle.
` I spent a while talking to the woman I met in the Indian restaurant whilst at the conference in which I weirded out Richard Dawkins, as well as her young son, who was dressed up as Davy Jones at the pride parade.
` They're moving to Uganda or somewhere that's full of chickens, where she once was a missionary, and where she now wants to work in helping the orphans both in general and by keeping the scary evangelicals away.

I'm so glad they have an adventure in front of them. Lou Ryan also joined us, and later found two celebrity look-alikes -- guess who we said they looked like?

july 007

Back at home, Dilly is also now large enough to not be smothered by the green, feathery thing:

 july 009

She's been very happy and playful, although she's also had a lot of diarrhea, which seems to be going away. Which is good, considering the number of times I've had to clean up after her -- my office now smells like bleach!
` Also, you know what happens when fluffy kitties get diarrhea, don't you?

That doesn't even faze her, though:

Hooray for the iridescence of florescences!

july 016

Dilly says, "I are outside!"

july 019

Now she says, "I are not outside, but wish I was!"

july 020

Here's actual video of Vada killing and eating grains:

I've never seen an insect lay eggs on a window before... until now:

july 033

Leaving the beetle to do her work, Lou Ryan and I went on a walk with Brianade in showing him the train track-cloven park known as Japanese Gulch.
` However, there's a big, bulldozed area that we trekked through first before doubling back to the trailhead, which I actually pointed out but kept following Lou Ryan as though he knew where he was going! Finally, we went back over the mud plains to the trailhead.
` I didn't see much of the bike ramps and things that I know are all over this park, but it's nice as it is without human disturbance:

july 038

There were also some lovely slammonberries:

july 042

Here's me rolling my eyes because we emerged from the forest in a neighborhood:

july 043

Later on, at the house, I noticed some smoke coming off the far bank, and figured it would have to do with the fireworks later on:

july 047

Also got a really nice shot of Vada at her post:

july 050

This, of course, is right before my Fourth of July fireworks videos -- stay tuned for that one!

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