Thursday, July 5, 2012

It was a bright and sunny gay day with the flying spaghetti monster...

As I'm so focused on going to The Amazing Meeting and making sure that I get ahead in some things before I leave, I don't have much time for writing posts -- displaying photos, yes, but little more than that. Luckily, I have plenty of those! Care to be touched by a noodly appendage?

june 2220

What's this all about? Well, on June 24, Brianade and I headed out to the gay pride parade, in which I was featured and of which I took gorb-loads of pictures. The highlights, however should be plenty:

Although we arrived at the spot near Columbia Street at about ten thirty or so in the morning, the Flying Spaghetti Monster didn't start moving until about four in the afternoon. The wait very slowly began to drive me up the wall:

Brianade went off to be a spectator of the parade, and so did I, but obligations kept me tethered to the area. Running about in my new sandals just to keep myself sane, I discovered all the interesting and very colorful things at the parade, and... bubble!

june 2228

I took a video where I ran up the street several blocks through all these floats, but the video was too long for Flickr, so I'll tell you if I ever put it on YouTube.
` Let's just say, the colors were so brilliant that some people had to shut themselves in vehicles just to keep themselves from being stunned. (I made that up.)

june 2231

There were also some strange and friendly creatures such as these lovely folks:

june 2234

There were also many people who looked like this:

june 2237

And this:

june 2240

Did I mention that back fat is all the rage? Not to mention, leather bondage horse-people?

june 2242

I asked him some question about his costume, but he could only nod because of the bit in his mouth. Ha! Also, one of the floats behind the FSM had a real horse:

june 2244

Finally, we began moving very slowly, often halted by red lights. Here's a fairly representative look at what we were doing during these times: "Stop! Pirate time!"

Apparently, quinoa is a grain, as I had thought, but it is made into pasta. Keep in mind that Love Zone gift cards are useful but not necessary to get people even more excited about Pastafarianism. And just for being so awesome, I've made sure this guy gets onto my post:

Hi Brianade! And now we're being announced for the first time. Getting attention in a parade has me thinking of how many photos and videos I must be in!

Get a load of the Space Needle who's announcing us several blocks later:

Check this out if you like to hear people shouting "ARRRR!"

 Another announcement in sight of the actual Space Needle:

After a few miles' walk across Seattle, which didn't take nearly as long as just waiting to move, it's the livin' end -- at a Methodist Church!

The folks at the church were handing out a rainbow of Kool Aid flavors, even to the heathens!

After packing up the Flying Spaghetti Monster and collecting Brianade (who had stories of such things as men riding bikes completely naked), we headed over to the Seattle Atheists booth with this guy whose name I keep forgetting, and I took a random picture:

june 2289

Although I was hanging around Jerry and Mike at the booth -- and bought two buttons -- I was feeling too hungry to stay put, and so tried to find Brianade, and some food.
` In working my way out of the maze of booths -- some of which I thought were cool -- over on one side was an ad for GregRobin Smith as Ben Franklin, a carousel, and a huge field full of people:

The exit, as it turned out, was on the other side of the maze -- where there was a person dressed as an anthropomorphic penis as a photo-op -- I found this huge building with a cancerous growth known as a Starbucks protruding from its insides.
` I was luckily able to find a bathroom with no line, as I hadn't peed in about eight hours or something, and then found that the Greek gyro line was shortest -- YAY! I LOVE GYROS!
` Then, I met Brianade there, and as I sat at the table scarfing down food, who should walk up to me but one of the gayest guys I know -- Jake! What a coinkidink!

june 2294

There was much sitting, talking, humor and greatness. DUVS JAKE! There were also people who were texting him but who he couldn't see. Scary! He also is easier to get into the frame than the Space Needle:

june 2300

Before Brianade and I could leave, I just had to get some video of this robotty creature:

As Brianade and I made the several-mile trek back across the city to my car, we saw many things including trees with blue trunks and weird, featureless statues of people:

june 2303

Also, as a horse and carriage was going by on the street, a guy leaned out of an apartment building window on the other side of us and shouted "Keep that thing away from my living room carpet!" and we all laughed.

Before I go off to TAM, I'll try to post more cool photos -- not to mention, firework videos!

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