Thursday, July 19, 2012

Am writing my TAM posts!

I have been typing in my TAMNotes, as well as being kinda busy, and am about to go out the door to another meeting, from which I will depart early and then go hang out with the cool hypnotist/mentalist guy for some shenanigans! The things we shall learn from one another. Mua ha ha ha!

Just keepin' ya updated with my progress. Do check out my TAM photos/videos on Flickr!

Edit: It's the next day and I still haven't finished transcribing because I've been so busy/out all night. Vegas has truly changed me. In any case, I'm getting back to it...


  1. Stop teasing us!! We want the post about TAM!!! :)

    1. Okay, I transcribed all my notes yesterday and was adding the photos and videos to my post for the day I had arrived in Vegas. So, almost there.

      Not sure if I'll finish it today because I've been trying to check all these emails I haven't gotten but are probably important, and am now going to a barbecue.
      ` Later, I'm coming back, going to the gym, and at midnight going to see The Wall laser light show with Lou Ryan, so hopefully this is worth the time spent away from my computer!

  2. The laser light show wasn't, BTW...


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