Sunday, July 8, 2012

My fireworks photos and such -- if you're into that sort of thing.

This Fourth of July is the first in which I have figured out how the video mechanism works on my camera, thus there will be no more clumsy, blurry long exposures. I insist on videoing everything this year, including the setting sun as the ferry goes across to Whidbey Island, with the sounds of the migratory terns:

As one of the ferries was making its way back from Whidbey, I got some video of it as well as the fireworks going on at the far shore:

Isn't that so superior than just trying to get photos? If only I would have shut up more. Anyway, that's only the beginning:

However, I'd see more fireworks if there weren't so many treez blockin the way!

At least there's plenty of interesting conversation:

More checking out fireworks, even ones much closer, and a UFJ!

Yes, you can get hundreds of times more fireworks with video, but they still need to be within your line of sight. There are, however, many interesting sounds one can hear from up here, such as the sound of someone being arrested:

A lot more fireworks -- and the fun-ness of operating my camera:

More and more fireworks, plus the ferry going to the island, looking like some big birthday cake with a gaping, demonic maw.

Even more distant fireworks, and my only companion by now, Vada, is being silly:

Continued in wide-angle mode, with a look at Vada, and at the fireworks reflected in the window:

A tug boat, like some sort of aquatic egg beater, carries on below the colorful explosions.

It continues through my field of view:

The hills are alive... with the sound of fireworks and terns.

Vada got annoyed with me, so I wound up talking to myself, which turned into some sort of Kevin Meaney schtick: 

My camera's batteries ran out of juice as I was standing outside in my cold feets, trying to explain that the Russian volcano gave off a more brilliant glow at night than the fireworks.

The next day, I decided to throw away my poor horseshoe crab exoskeleton, which had been found in Massachusetts or somewheres. When I lived in Ohio, I kept it on top of my bookshelf, until one day, the shelf tipped a little and my books fell out -- but not before the exoskeleton was already on the floor!
` After that, I kept it in a box so it wouldn't get damaged even more. It didn't work. Since the exoskeleton has been losing more parts over the past fifteen years, or however long it's been, I figured it was high time I get rid of one more thing I don't need.
` But not before taking photos of it:

july 105

Later on, I also got a shot of the ferry without fireworks, since I thought that's where I'd be headed later. However, I was wrong -- it was the next day.

In the meantime, I got some video of Dilly offering Vada one of her socks:

Since Vada wasn't so amused by that, Dilly just went nuts on the sock and we did some interesting acrobatics -- Dilly badger don't care!

If you're interested in more of my assault kitten, there's this: 

She plays up next to Vada, or on the edge of the couch where she falls -- for a kitten, she really is a Dilly badger!

And of course, tomorrow will be when Lou Ryan and I go camping with some of those Flying Spaghetti Monster folks and such. Joy!

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