Thursday, August 1, 2013

Testing out the Blogger App!

I've just downloaded the Blogger app -- yet another way for the iPhone to change the way I do something!
It only took about ten hours of failed tech support before I learned that my regular gmail address will never work with Apple Accounts, and so had to create a new gmail account just to get any apps at all for my phone!
Granted, I don't see myself typing much blog material with my thumbs, but at the very least, I can upload my iPhone photos!

Dilly does not seem impressed. Right now, I am boiling up some turkey tail tea (see previous post), having regretted not taking it for a few days. During that time, I lost what little energy I had regained and took to sleeping most of the day and night. Yesterday, I had some more tea and improved dramatically, even regaining my appetite.
Unfortunately, my stomach felt as though it had a hole burning through it the more I ate -- which still happens for some reason when I don't get much physical activity.
I went to the gym, thinking that this would relieve my discomfort, and it did after everything I'd eaten in the past 3 hours came up and over the edge of the third story catwalk.

Luckily, I have no photos of this, although I do have one of me when I was barely able to get to the gym some days ago: