Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just when Christmas lulled us into a false sense of security...

Yes, I did have a lovely December 25, mostly spending time at home with Lucas, whose Hairy Pothead movie website is up and running. He even bought me some gifts important to my career such as painting supplies and a handheld stereo podcasting microphone.
` Both easy to carry around when interviewing people, and vastly more reliable than my laptop. And it's stereo! In case that counts. Eeeee!
` The cats even got some toys from my mom, and I bought another laser pointer for Dilly and Christina ("The gray dot is back!!").
` All in all, it was a warm and fuzzy Christmas this year, so imagine the change of pace next morning while taking Lucas to the Emergency Room for the nth time.

This, of course, is just another aftershock from Our own biggest insurance fraud ever.

Just after 8:30, I was faced with the task of both taking the garbage out and getting the Lucas to the ER without him vomiting on the inside of my car. This was difficult because his hands were numb and curled up and he was having trouble walking.
` Although he is still in the Emergency Room, I have come back home for a while and re-written my schedule because I am just that determined to focus on my own projects, like this blog. Which I haven't been at all for some time.
` Therefore, why not blog about what I'm so wrapped up with in meatspace? Let's go: