Monday, August 29, 2016

My first YouTube Video! Success!

Not wanting to bother with editing for my first video, I decided to do it all in one shot. Enjoy!

Next time, I'll be writing with both hands at once. I'm not sure how popular that was on Facebook, but I bet it'll be more popular with YouTube if I do it in several of my vids!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My first break from two decades of chronic pain, and other exciting news!

The middle panel is a proto-human orgy!
I'm feeling so well, I'm able to stay standing at the shelf for hours at a time, working on a project while blessed by Ganesha, Shiva, and Vishnu!

As I've mentioned here and there on this blog, I've been disabled and in chronic pain since 1995, thanks to a lot of horror and abuse and then people making fun of me and telling me that I'm only pretending to be disabled and in pain.
Now, thanks to a few years of physical therapy, which I've been doing thanks to Dr. Hypno (not to mention frequent use of small doses of SARMs), my body is close to being recovered. Most of the strain is gone, I rarely have problems eating or breathing, but my body is still asymmetrical.
My left foot will never be the same, though it's coming along as well and the skin between my toes is becoming less like rawhide. Even so, my doctor was amazed at how thick the skin is and how impervious it is to pain when she blasted the living daylights out of it when freezing the warts.

So, what triggered the complete relief of pain? Well, not long ago, I was dealing with not only chronic pain, but the kind of pain that women typically deal with on a regular basis, and just couldn't handle it so well. I noticed that eating 20 mg of CBD edibles resulted in all of the pain out to my wrists and ankles more or less disappearing. It took an hour or so to kick in, though.
A couple days later, I went back to the weed store and got something that works faster, Wonderland Enchantmint Cheshire Cat CBD sublingual breath spray. I was feeling much better to begin with, but I noticed that a few spritzes and some indica weed and ibuprofen had a similar effect, and it started more or less right away. The pain was gone, except in my hands and feet.
The next morning, my pain levels were still relatively low. I had some more indica and ibuprofen and several spritzes, and before I knew it, all of the pain was gone, even in my neck, earlobes, and my fingertips, which had been hurting for various numbers of years. I was amazed that buttoning my shirt didn't feel like pressing on a bruise.

Once all this pain was disrupted, this was on July 26, it just hasn't come back as bad! HOLY RUSTED SALAD GREENS, BATMAN!

Why didn't I figure this out before? Well, I knew it would probably work at high doses, but I wasn't so sure it would affect me without inducing couch lock, and I would probably use them up quickly. Well, not only have I been more energetic than ever, I used up that entire 60-spritz bottle in about four days.
Then, I got a FairWinds high CBD Citrus tincture, comes in a dropper bottle, it's about the same price but twice as strong. That bottle lasted me until today, when I used up the very last of it this morning. It's lucky that I went to the store yesterday and picked up the last bottle they had!

So, the weight of chronic pain has been lifted, it's so much easier to move! And speaking of, the nerve damage in my upper lip is almost healed, especially on the right side. I can hardly believe how far it's come over the years, but I think I may make a full recovery, or at least close enough!

I am now borrowing a different laptop (one that is not compatible with my backup drive, alas) and wrote a really great little article (all while standing on a platform with a rubber mat). I decided to wait until this morning to look it over before publishing it. And then, when I took the laptop out of sleep mode, Windows Update occurred.
I figured it would be OK, since I saved my work on WordPad. But to my astonishment, I opened 'recent documents' only to find one item, and it for was a blog post written by the laptop's owner. The file that I had saved (allegedly) was nowhere to be found on the hard drive.

I completely don't understand this.

In any case, the other project I've been working on is a comic book, which I plan to have ready for CSI-Con Las Vegas (it's like The Amazing Meeting, but in October). So, if I'm not writing the most, it's because I'm spending so much time standing at the shelf with Ganesha and Shiva and Vishnu and Dead Jesus, who are blessing my work.

Before CSI Con, I hope to get my phone back, and the replacement motherboard for the replacement motherboard.

Until I get all that straightened out, I won't be able to get my podcast Skeptophany up and rolling. Instead, I shall do a video. And that video will be on my new blog, the one that will have Skeptophany when that comes around! Yes!