Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recovering from many things right now...

Lately I've been too delirious to leave the house due to various illnesses, and am even having trouble sitting up at the moment. Didn't even have a chance to fully recover from TAM first. Grumble...
` On the awesome side, I have drawn a few Hairy Pothead character sketches, and got an iPhone 5 because of my involvement in the movie. Too many years have I relied on a basic phone that doesn't even work right!
` However, every time I draw, I keep thinking of Matthew Skenandore, that really awesome artist, who I won't have a chance to work with due to his demise.

It's been a rough few weeks.

On the positive side, I've got a little better phone service now that I've installed the signal booster -- after 6 weeks of outage! I can make calls from my house now, and I may even be able to access the internet with my iPhone, although this is proving tricky.
` I'm thinking of the spine-tingling prospect of using my iPhone to read things on Facebook, as I don't have much time for that when I'm around my computer.

For the time being, I have a lot of demands on me that I can scarcely meet due to my reduced mobility, plus there's blogging and podcast editing that I've had to mostly put on hold.
` Also, uploading photos has become technically more difficult than usual, so you're going to have to wait to see those character sketches.

Taking care of myself comes first, and I'm on the path to recovery. I'm taking ibuprofin and a little Guaifenesin, but I'm not above taking "herbal remedies", as long as they are full of useful drugs.
` A couple of cannabinoid-filled products dramatically reduce my muscle aches, general pain, lack of appetite, and lung filled-ness. It even increases my mental clarity in some ways, partly because I feel so much better.
` I even bother to drink tea made from the Trametes versicolor growing out of my dead apple tree. I'm interested to find that it seems to dramatically relieve the congestion and inflammation in my airways. I'm not sure exactly why this is, although it is worth mentioning that this mushroom is full of a variety of drugs.

Just had some frozen yogurt and my throat feels better, although I'm still sweating profusely. I slept six hours today after much activity at the house and am soon to be sleeping six more hours, I hope!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Amazing Meeting 2013, Day Two, Part Two

The opening ceremony began after dinner, which I have very little recollection of. Perhaps, because of my stomach, I didn't bother with dinner, because I remember eating plenty of delicious TAMnoms:

jux 161 - Noms

 The sleep deprivation was starting to get to me, and I began to have delusions of conquering the world, along with Gary from Gothenberg:

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Amazing Meeting 2013 -- Day Two, Part One

Although I was feeling about as refreshed as the gloomy, forest fire-ridden day outside, I nevertheless felt a rush of excitement when I thought about the upcoming Amazing Meeting, and when I saw my new friend Jamy Ian Swiss.

jux 135

In the Great Conference Hall, various skeptical groups were setting up their respective tables. Kyle Hill was keen on showing his... enthusiasm? while Sarah Mayhew hid inside of her fauxler bear jacket:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Amazing Meeting 2013 -- Day One

Although I'm currently suffering from TAMnesia, I've managed to upload the photos that will be featured in the next several posts, as well as make up for the lack of housework in my absence, attend the day-after TAM skeptic meetup, etc.
` I've been going through my notes, photos and videos, and find them inadequate to describe my experiences, to say the least. Then again, I did spend plenty of time at TAM interviewing folks for The Spoony Show, Podcast of Doom.

For now, I shall bring you photos from my first day of TAM, starting with high altitude shots of such dramatic landscape features as Mount Rainier:

jux 106 - Mt Ranier, I think

I like to pronounce it Ran-ye, for the entertainment value. And, there was more...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making the best parody movie EVAR, and other big news.

Tomorrow, I leave for The Amaz!ing Meeting 2013, but that is only my second-most exciting piece of news. First place belongs to my involvement in the movie version of Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone by Dana Larsen.
` I'll likely be working with Ed Ghertner (head animator/castle designer at Disney), so there's a good chance I can learn a thing or two about a thing or two. Maybe he can also give me advice on what color I should dye my hair next:

jux 089 - Goth enough for ye

In addition, I've done some podcasting work here and there, and plan to do a bunch more recording whilst at TAM. With all this going on, I hope you understand some of my reasons for leaving my last several posts unfinished (for now).
` But wait, there are many other things going on -- and many more cute/stunning/interesting photos to see!