Monday, March 12, 2012

Srsly... I'm rlly sck...

So sck tht wrtng wth vwls is dffclt. Not really, but the nausea has similarly been abridging my thought processes.

I'm way behind on Spanish homework, as well as other things I actually have to do, except cleaning the kitchen. I actually missed school today. (GASP!) And there was a first draft due and a quiz! I'm so horrible! Finals are coming up, too, so I'd better get my ass in gear -- literally, and I'll let you fill in the blanks there!

Luckily, the nausea is going away and although I didn't get any sleep last night, I probably will tonight -- I'm exhausted, and it's not just because of my having to run to the bathroom every five minutes:
` I spent last night saying, "Lou, you're snoring!" progressively more and more loudly, and him saying, "Oh? Sorry about that, hon. Sznnnnnszzzszszsszs!" until four in the morning when he finally said, with much irritation, "Well, this is the first time you've woken me up about it!"
` So, I'm still working on actually waking him up. It used to work, but now, I guess, he's so habituated to it that he can respond in his sleep.

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