Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally, my office is clear of foul alien invaders!

Freezing cold as I am right now, I'm back at it again! Vada sends her greetings from her spot by the radiator:

mar 045 K thx bai!

If there wasn't such an annoying sound in Lou Ryan's downstairs studio -- which has been going on for weeks, now -- I would be down there right now, finishing my online Spanish homework. As it is, that noise is at least as loud as our 1968 bathroom fan, which I am also listening to, as someone is taking a shower right now.

Luckily, the annoying sound is going to end sometime today, so I am happy to be getting back to my blogging, and also my homework and email, which I haven't done much of because of lack of quietness. Spanish homework especially requires quietness because it involves listening and using my language faculties.
` With the power of Ritalin, however, I can at least put my earplugs in and rant about what is on my mind. Not that I would consider this post as ranting. In fact, I am excited at finally having my office to myself!

You see, last night, I got tired of having someone else's stuff on my office floor, and all the stuff that's supposed to be in that spot just taking up space elsewhere, so... I moved it myself! Ingenious, I know.
` After that, I spent hours sweeping the floor with the mini-broom and the vacuum and then scrubbing mold off the walls. Why mold? Because this room is so cold that I have a condensation problem (I am currently wearing many layers of clothing, plus my bedspread), and in the corner, behind the former not-my-desk that was in here, the wall has evidently been invaded by alien fungi from the planet Outdoors.
` Check it out:

mar 055 Prepare to die, scum!

I'm'a take this here ray gun and be firin' up mah lazer! Oh wait, it's a spray gun. Silly me. That mold was almost-vanquished by the bleach and the paper towels and the scrubbing rags, which became almost entirely black. (Still not throwing them away, though.)
` Now, however, my corner has my old-school school desk (as in, for elementary school students back in the 1950s), which for some time has been taking up space in the kitchen after I gave up on trying to use it elsewhere.
` As cruddy as this all looks, it's a huge improvement, wouldn't you say?

mar 057 After the mold-scrubbing

Originally when I had moved in here, someone had put it under the front deck, and when I noticed it under there decaying in the weather, instead of sitting in a dry storage room, I made a plan to bring it inside.
` Sometime after Lou and I managed to drive off three roommates by having our landlord pretend to evict us (that would be the brain-damaged duo Brad and Char, along with Drunk-O Steve), there was finally enough space in the house to bring it in.
` The desk required much moss-removal, and much peeling of loose paint chips, and after much being dragged out of the living room to make room for karate class, this is the first time ever that I've had the space to move it into my office!

As for what has happened to my baseboards on these walls, however, I would guess that they have rotted so thoroughly that they were pried up and used as kindling -- all thanks to my single-pane aluminum windows!

Thanks, single-pane aluminum windows!

Besides annoying sound disturbances in my day, it has otherwise not been going as planned so far. For example, I've found that eating yogurt with shredded wheat makes the yogurt not hurt my stomach, and is also more filling, so I have been doing that. Only problem is, Lou often eats the yogurt I buy before I can put it on my cereal in the morning.
` So, last night I bought all this really good blueberry yogurt (from Grocery Outlet!) and made a note on my scheduler to have some with my shredded wheat -- and it's not as though we had much other food -- and when I got up this morning... my shredded wheat was gone!

I did not see that one coming.

mar 056 Did you eat my Shredded Wheat, Vada?

Vada (who was climbing up one side of the railing and down the other) didn't know anything about it, so I asked Lou, and he said he'd eaten it -- with yogurt! This was the last thing I expected, as he has been teasing me for doing this, like it's disgusting or something.
` In my defense for such strange tastes (because, sadly, I have to defend them) I can't have straight-up milk, and I can only have yogurt with other food (maybe it's just my lactose intolerance?), so I think it is an ideal solution. Apparently, so does Lou, now!

Oh well, I've got to be moving on with my day, maybe actually finishing my homework. Hopefully nothing else annoying happens. But before I go, did you know there is a satirical newspaper in France that is only printed on Leap Day? That was linked on my Spanish homework website, so I thought at least my visiting it would not be in vain.

Edit: Of course, more annoying things have happened today, ones a little more serious than missing just my cereal, but mostly involving muscle tension from stress and coldness -- oh yes, and the food I have bought last night is now gone -- except the yogurt, interestingly.
` I didn't even get to have any of the especially delicious fancy cheese, although luckily I managed to hide my protein drink in the back of the fridge in the hopes that some will be left after I go to the gym, which was the purpose I had bought it for. As for the hummus -- well, I had to eat something for breakfast!
` So, I am hungry again.

Another bad thing almost happened -- Lou told me that the distracting noise that has been causing me much absent-mindedness, clumsiness, lack of foresight and withdrawal from reality would be continuing to pollute the house until tomorrow.
` However, I somehow managed to talk him into shutting off the noise -- a fan that sounds like a shop vac -- and replacing it with one that I can't even hear!

In my sleep-deprived desire to rest my brain from all this tension, I tried to take a nap -- but, my heated mattress pad was no match for my feet! The mattress pad would feel so warm at first, and then it would seem to have lost this heat after about half a minute, so I would move my feet to a warmer spot on the mattress pad, but it would get cold again right away.
` Apparently, my feet contain too much coldness (O_o) for the mattress pad to be able to fill with hotness, thus keeping the mattress pad in a constant state of "Captain! She cannae take any more -- I don't have the pourr!"

Happily, thanks to Lou shutting off the noise, I can now sit here by Vada's favorite radiator, watching the sunset (it's six o'clock, karate time, and no one is here as usual), and keeping my ass warm -- and my feet, too! My hands, not so much, although pressing them against the laptop helps.

Ah, thermodynamics! The only thing I can think of to say is, "Thanks, single-pane aluminum windows!"

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