Thursday, August 1, 2013

Testing out the Blogger App!

I've just downloaded the Blogger app -- yet another way for the iPhone to change the way I do something!
It only took about ten hours of failed tech support before I learned that my regular gmail address will never work with Apple Accounts, and so had to create a new gmail account just to get any apps at all for my phone!
Granted, I don't see myself typing much blog material with my thumbs, but at the very least, I can upload my iPhone photos!

Dilly does not seem impressed. Right now, I am boiling up some turkey tail tea (see previous post), having regretted not taking it for a few days. During that time, I lost what little energy I had regained and took to sleeping most of the day and night. Yesterday, I had some more tea and improved dramatically, even regaining my appetite.
Unfortunately, my stomach felt as though it had a hole burning through it the more I ate -- which still happens for some reason when I don't get much physical activity.
I went to the gym, thinking that this would relieve my discomfort, and it did after everything I'd eaten in the past 3 hours came up and over the edge of the third story catwalk.

Luckily, I have no photos of this, although I do have one of me when I was barely able to get to the gym some days ago:

Rawr! The next morning, I could scarcely get up off the laundry, which is bad when your partner cannot do housework while you've been to an exhausting convention, gives you an even more disabling condition, and screams at you for being lazy just after you've spent a half hour gathering up all the garbage he's left strewn around the house. Really?

Despite all this illness, yelling, plus grieving, an equally unhappy uterus, general muscle exhaustion and soreness, etc. I've been managing to finish my character sketches for the movie Hairy Pothead, whilst Ed Ghertner designs Hempwards Castle, logos, etc.

What's funny is, other people involved in this project have to be told which artwork is by me, and which is by Ed! Although I have photos of it on my iPhone, I don't have the rights to it and so can't post it on my blog.

Some days of this illness have been so bad that I have scarcely been able to bug people with my iPhone, although there's some of that, too -- especially after I installed the signal booster, thus ending six weeks of severe problems making calls from the house.
Even with a weak signal, I was (usually) able to send and receive text messages, including photos! This was new for me, since my previous phone could barely deal with incoming photos, and texting involved tapping a number keypad. Now, I can just take a photo with my iPhone and send it out! 

In return, other people can send me photos! I've been keeping in touch with some of the people I've met at TAM, including Jamy Ian Swiss and his wife, Kandace, who are very cool people and I hope to be friends with them for a long time.

I continue to stay in touch with them and drool over Jamy's cooking, among other things.

Even leftover risotto can be made into tasty pancakes! Mychal, another TAM person I have met, sent me a picture of the partly-completed logo for a podcast he is formulating, as well as himself playing army:

Aw, isn't he cute? In other news, Lou Ryan finally got to see a doctor about his work injury last September, while resurfacing an aircraft carrier deck.
This insurance fraud has gone on for some months, and the state is now trying to force the company to pay.

Since all local doctors are booked for the next year, however, he had to find one out in Issaquah! That doctor could not treat him, but at least referred him to a pain clinic.

On that note, this thumb-typing is becoming tedious, and so I shall leave you with this iPhone sunset photo. Not too bad, is it?

Ahhhhhh, at least the turkey tail is waking me up and relieving the swelling in my lymph glands. Tastes like dirt, though!

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