Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No, really, it's noisy in my office.

I know it's bad form to whinge about noise disrupting my concentration, but it's getting so ridiculous that I'm beginning to feel that I'm stuck in some sort of reality show. And so, I made this video just today, in order to show my readers exactly what I'm dealing with:

After some hours being annoyed by the compressor, I had an opportunity to make a video featuring the sound of a circular saw, and so on, but I won't bore you with that. Instead, I'll bore you with what's been going on:
` If you've read my last post, you'll remember the "hilariously" over-the-top BS that Dr. Hypno has been deflecting at his second job as a van driver. On the next payday, he grabbed his check and walked out the door without saying a word -- tempted though he was to show the same amount of professionalism back to his co-workers and boss.
` He ignored their calls during his long bus trip home -- they were probably afraid he would report their shenanigans to their higher-up boss. (Mua ha ha ha!!)

Aside from me struggling to get a lot done in the face of loud yard-work, and rocker Lou Ryan having much success in his non-musical business, there isn't much else to bore you with besides... KYOOTNESS! Lookee here -- our good old grumpy friend, Vada:

apr 106
I'll remind you not to disturb me while I am guarding the house
from that dratted Siamese!

And little does Dilly suspect, but someone is watching as she chews her way through the tall grass...

 apr 108
Forget the Siamese -- the Oblivious Fluffball is great fun to stalk!

Heather has been feeling better since my last photo post, and her fat is continuing to melt off everywhere!

apr 110 - Goddammit Heather, you're so deformed
It's melting off of the window ledge just now...

Also, I should mention that the sun is close to setting in view of the house -- right now it sets just off to the left, behind that tree in the distance:

apr 114

Just on time, our garden is really starting to grow...

apr 121
And where there are gardens, there must be crawly things to play with!

Though Heather has been slimming down since December, I still can't help but say, "God damn that's a big fat cat!"

apr 123
It's almost like having a large jaguarundi sauntering through one's yard,
although a very oddly-shaped one...

Of course, I can't complete a photo post without a picture of our flappy-headed Christina, as well as the plant called Wilton, which continues not to wilt:

apr 131

Honestly, part of the reason why I walk around taking photos is because it's so noisy I have trouble thinking, and, of course, whenever I think it's quiet enough to sit down and write, it only starts up again...

Ironically, the sound from the weed whacker does abate when I shut my (single pane aluminum) window, but that is just because the person doing the work had paused at that moment.

Before I go, I'll end with a funny thing that happened today, concerning the iPhone's interpretation of our recycling company's name:
` When Lou Ryan said, "Siri, remind me to pay Rubatino," the text reminder was rendered as "Peyroux Pitino."
` That's an excellent name for something, I'm sure, but a name for what?

Anyway, I must get out of here and escape the noise, which is starting up here again. Time for another one of my adventures!


  1. Kitties!

    ...and I can relate to annoyance with noise, both at home and at work, but that compressor is really annoying.

  2. I learned to get over noisy environments in the Army. It tends to be a very noisy job.


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