Sunday, February 3, 2013

I STILL LOVE YOU FOREVER, MAYNARD!!! Also, Dilly the cat's new height of stupidity.

You may be familiar with my account of The Amaz!ng Meeting, in which I was interviewed for half an hour by Australian Interviewing Guy, Maynard, for podcasting goodness that was so massively exciting my brain started spinning and ehrmegerd...

Some of it has finally shown up on this TAM 2012 episode of Maynard's Malaise: There's short bit in which I am introduced, at the 9'15" mark, starting with "I have deformed sinuses." Nice!
` And, as I have in other cases of video and podcast bits relating to TAM, I've updated the post where I originally mentioned the interview.

I've also been updating other posts, such as re-editing the amazing tale of 'Nine Years of Numbness, Reversed with Hypnosis.' This is when I realized that the comment filter would not allow anonymous comments, hence others' complaints that they cannot comment, and so changed that.
` There are a great many other posts that I have taken offline and will be re-editing, so it is no wonder that my blog seems sparse at the moment. Although I already have other blog posts and writing projects going, I'll be filling in those back-posts gradually.

Before I go, I'll leave you with an especially cute and stupid story about our especially cute and stupid cat, Dilly -- here she is taking her frustration out on a roll of TP:

octojan 099
You will rue the day you mess with Dilly Badger!

Earlier today, I brought Dilly over to the Clampett's house in order to show them how much she's grown since last time. Now that Dilly is no longer a kitten who would sit under the deck screeching like a dying eagle because she couldn't figure out how to get back to the door, I figured she would be alright if I just let her find her own way home. After all, our house is in view of their house.
` So, after playing with the eleven year old neighbor girl and her new rats and toaster oven (though not at the same time!), I came home and wondered where Dilly had gotten to. Hours later, Lou Ryan and I went back to the Clampett's house, looking up and down the street for the cat, and were puzzled that we couldn't find her, nor hear her dying-eagle squeals.
` Later on, when Lou's friend Anthony (and his kid Little Anthony) were visiting, I went looking for Dilly some more, bringing Little Anthony (and his soccer ball) with me. After not finding her again, I went back to the house and brought one of our newly-inherited cats, Christina, to the Clampett's front door, instructing her to sniff out Dilly's path.

Instead, she made a beeline for our house. Dilly could easily have done that, considering how many months she's had to explore the neighborhood, but soon it was clear that she had stayed put all this time: I heard very distinctly the sounds of a dying eagle and began searching the Clampett's yard. ...

I followed the squeaking to the edge of the yard, under a platform, and there Dilly emerged, shaken but oddly docile. I grabbed her, showed the Clampetts that I'd found the cat -- finally! -- and brought her back home where Christina greeted her (perhaps hiding an air of superiority).
` As a result, Dilly has been happier than usual, showing more affection and playfulness, so I suppose it's worked out for her in the end. After all, she generally gets beaten up by the other cats for her retardation -- nothing like a little trauma to make a cat more grateful for the life she has!

As evidence for that, here's a recent video of Dilly, having just gotten smacked in the eye by Christina, asking Heather (aka Fatty) to please beat her up while Christina watches (secretly giggling). I don't know why it is, but Dilly just cannot control her urge to swat at other cats' tails, even though that never goes well.

She also gets it worse from Vada, especially when she 'invades' on the back rooms where only Vada is normally allowed in:

Utterly heartwarming, is it not? Yes, Dilly is still our darling little cat. She is sweet, but very special, and the other cats know it. Better luck in the future, Dilly. Perhaps one day you will learn how not to swat at other cats' tails and instead play with them less annoyingly.

Anyway, I need to comb through some more emails, so that is what I'm going to do. And until next time, I still love you forever, Maynard!

TAM 057 - Me and Maynard
He thinks I'm awesome, too!


  1. My son has a cat like that, sweet but stupid. He inherited her, reluctantly, from someone who was moving and wouldn't take her. She always wants to play and is always pissing off the senior cats who want a moment's quiet.

  2. Perhaps it is better that this cat lives with your son if its owner wouldn't take her. Silly cats like this are best appreciated by people who have the energy to keep up with them.

    Luckily, the two cats we inherited like her better than Vada does -- Christina plays with her every day!


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