Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shooting this TV show is SO BORING!!

Superhero Lou Ryan and I are playing detectives right now in a crime show called Disappeared -- totally unplanned, actually, but luckily I have found someone's computer on which to connect to the internet.
` The upside: We get paid $50 apiece -- and we get to use cheesy police badges that were probably once used by John Belushi and cast on SNL!
` The downside: It has eliminated all our other plans for today. We had to wait for the clothes to almost-dry before getting off to Value Village for a couple of minutes, and then went to the gym for only 10 minutes so that we could get here at 1:30.

I was like, "Great! We made it on time!" But if we had known how long we would have had to wait, I would have done my obligatory hour of cardio that keeps me sane another day.

We didn't even shoot our first scene until almost 4:30, and we are once again bored out of our skulls. Typical. Whatever. I'm making the best of it, though -- I have to stay busy! But more importantly, I hope to leave here by 7:00 so that I can do my cardio at the gym before time runs out!
` Of course, I'd like do some more 'real' blogging from here, but this is not exactly the environment for reading, comprehending, and understanding what I'm actually writing. All I can say is, I'm glad I stuck to my guns despite what Lou said and at least got a little of my Spanish homework out of the way.

You know what's cool, though? Raphael Carlo, who plays the killer (awesomely!!), has been in all these movie projects in Seattle throughout the 1990's and killed zombies in this hilariously bad movie called Carnival of the Damned -- where his hair constantly changes lengths! -- and traveled through time in Time Travel _0.
` LOL! He just told me that his 9 month old daughter is addicted to Megamind and Curious George 2 -- one of the words she can say is "'mote".

Anyway, if we don't shoot our second scene soon, I'm going to go insane, funny conversation or not. Just to warn you. Judging from my other posts, you should be able to tell how distressed I become when I'm detained from the things I need to get done!

I did manage to leave by 7:00 and Lou dropped me off at the gym, and our friend Anthony picked me up when the gym closed on his way to our house, so that worked out great! However, I feel sorry for the guy who played the other detective -- he was booked only last night and had bought tickets to see a movie at 7:00 and was still there as Lou and I were leaving! Sad.
` Even though it's the next day, I feel so tired from yesterday, and so does Lou Ryan! Our digestive systems are also not happy about this. Waiting around with nothing to do for hours always really takes it out of me!
` But, you know, when someone at NBC Peacock Productions calls my superhero up when I'm just getting out of bed and says the shoot that he was booked for yesterday has been moved to today, and why not bring me along because I fit the part and besides, it will only be a couple of hours, that's a clue that they may be a wee bit disorganized, and that no, it won't be two hours.
` I mean, I was standing there thinking, 'Hey, we all have to go! Why don't you film everyone in a logical order so that all their scenes are together? Why are you taking all that time just to film the kitchen with no one in it? It will still be there when actors go home!' Apparently, no one had bothered to make a logical and efficient scene list. Sigh.

Okay, that is enough ranting! I should go.


  1. I think it's cool that you both got to be in it even if you had to waste a lot of time waiting and get so bored in the process. At least you got the gym into your day. :)

  2. Indeed! That was a lucky thing!


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