Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm struck by the strange sensation of freedom... to BLOG MY HEART OUT!

Four days ago, I started another blog post, which was going to be my next, but I didn't finish it because it was taking me so many hours. Right now, I am about to get back to it. You see, I have been preoccupied with all the most important things I need to do around here that have been driving me crazy in the past few weeks, and have finally completed them.
` One such thing was vacuuming the house, which took me two hours, partly because our vacuum doesn't have attachments, so when I'm doing the corners and stairs, I need to use the mini-broom as well! It is such a pain, but I really just had to get it out of the way, since I've been putting it off for weeks in order to get other things completed!

It never ends, does it?

After using two days' worth of free time/homework time with my prodigious writing skills in important personal matters -- which I will probably never have to trouble myself with again, woohoo! -- I am about to dive back into this blog post.
` And what is it about? Hint: it has something to do with the style of my website, the Corrigendopedia. After that, I'll be working to finish all the other stuff I've mentioned.

More good news: I'll soon be not having to share my office with anyone else. I will still have a roommate below me, whose TV and stereo often annoy me greatly, but at least I will be able to use my office whenever I want, so that I can more often go in there when he's not polluting my personal space with noise that not even earplugs can combat. (I'm considering noise-cancelling headphones....)
` Right now, said roommate is actually in jail for a few days for some stupid thing, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am greatly enjoying even more use of my office. (Not to mention, I also have considerably fewer dishes to wash.) Like, I'm actually in my office for hours on end! Since when was that ever normal? It's almost as though my office is already just mine!

On that note, I'll be getting back to it -- but first, I think I'll have some chocolate wine with gelato in it. After what I've just BEEN writing, and researching, I really have earned it!

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