Sunday, April 3, 2005

My friend George

Ah, good ol' George. He may be over 2,400 miles away, but we still keep in contact. Sometimes I call his cell phone while he's at Writer's Club Meetings and I can get 'live commentary' about the stuff I send to them.
` He's a good writer, and he can be pretty funny sometimes, like in this chain of e-mails from 1 April to 3 April:

Hey guys, here are some neat things to check out -

First, this one is sort of sublime, and neat to think about.

And this one is neat, but the image is really cool.

And this one is so corny, you'll all want to throw things at me, but hey, who knew amateurs could get photographic proof of...


Dark Matter? Not REAL? Sniff! Boo-hoo! Noooo! How could they lie to me!!!! Then again, they lied about genetics only being handed down from parents to offspring...


Doesn't it seem sort of like a sign of our times, though, that we have people being a little bit upset about the idea that dark energy doesn't exist, but it's something no one has seen or measured, just surmised to exist because it fit the measurements?
Sort of like the tooth fairy?


Now you're telling me the TOOTH FAIRY doesn't exist?
*Sniff!* Waaaaaaaa!

;) Quine

The Easter Bunny told me that. He also told me that Santa Claus doesn't exist, but Santa says that you can't trust the Easter Bunny because he spends too much time dying eggs, and who knows what they put in those dyes?
But then the Easter Bunny says that at least he doesn't hang around with elves all the time, or spend the most productive night of his year starting at a bunch of reindeer butts.
Who know which one you can trust?


I snickered for quite a long time after seeing that one...
Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I need to get out more often. What do you think?

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