Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Technical difficulties and NECSS

UPDATE: Holy shit! I can't even access any of my podcast data, even on my backup drive! I hope my hard drive is still OK, this is really crazy, all of this happening at once.

I've spent the past several months in great pain and agony and have been pushing myself beyond my limits just to get enough physical therapy to make progress. I explain about that on my podcast. No sooner did I begin to recover, and was able to spend more time out of bed, standing because I can't really sit, than I decided to finish the first three episodes of my podcast.

So, I put a rubber mat on the floor to stand on, got to work and... after seven years of service, the motherboard fried. Thank goodness for backup drives, I still have my raw material, so can, well, do it again. UPDATE: I may not. WHAT?!

This laptop that I'm borrowing is so slow that it cannot even access all those blog posts that I tried to sit down and write and found myself in crippling pain and had to stop. I didn't finish those posts, partly because of the debilitating pain when sitting down, but this laptop can't even access those drafts, so there's no way I can ever finish them unless I get a new machine! So, not much blogging can get done now.

The only reason I can make this post is because you don't have to access drafts in order to make a new post.

I can't type a whole sentence without craning my neck down, this is so painful. I'm going to record some more for my podcast, Skeptophany, while at NECSS, but when you get to hear any of that stuff depends on when I can buy a new machine. (Oh great... I may have to start over again, not to mention all the blog posts and stuff that I've been writing on my laptop.)

This smaller laptop is so painful on my wrists and I can't bend my neck down enough to look at the screen, so I'm typing this completely blind. There is no way in hell I can do anything on this machine, it's too slow, and I can't even look at the screen while I'm typing. I can't edit podcasts without some kind of mirror-contraption, assuming this machine is capable of running Audacity. Also, it's really hurting my arms and shoulders just to type on this laptop, I can't rest my hands on it like I did my huge laptop.

I have to get down on my knees on the rubber mat just to read this. Now I'm typing blind again. My Samsung phone's screen broke, I have my ideas about how that could have happened, and this was last December. The screen has now been replaced, but there is plastic wrap inside of the screen, so it doesn't work anyway. Well, whenever that gets fixed, I'll be able to get back on Facebook.

Also, my iPod died yesterday just after the laptop. You know, because I wanted to back up the stuff that's on it, and then dropped it.

All I can say is, NECSS is probably the thing I need. Hopefully I can stay out of the pain/lack of sleep/increased pain cycle while I am there, and then figure out if I can fix my laptop or get another.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now, I'm developing a migraine/tendonitis just from typing this. I won't be using this machine again.


  1. Goddamn electronicals! Hope you got everything fixed and most of all that you're healthy. Keep investigating!

  2. I searched for Skeptophany on iTunes and don't see it where do you post it?


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