Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've been hoping I would have some good news to share...

Last fall, my mind went away for the winter, due to extreme illness, starvation, sleep deprivation, repeated isopropyl alcohol poisoning, severe abuse, and generally being overworked. I had a period of better luck for a while, during which I was going to blog, but my internet was out until more things started to shut my brain down again.

This is partly because of the back injury that L.R. got while at work in 2012, which has gone untreated because no one who is allowed to sign the work insurance form has also found his injury. Which almost killed him by making him throw up uncontrollably every night around 2:30 in the morning to the point of stomach paralysis.

Unable to get food through his stomach, he was incoherent, crawling on the floor, constantly falling asleep, and almost died of toxic buildup and malnutrition until one trip to the emergency room happened to land him with metoclopramide, which fixed his condition right away.

This was April 1, the evening after Dr. Lynch, the guy who said he was going to sign the form to open the insurance claim, said that not only would he not sign it, but would not even look to see whether the injury was there or not.

Later on, L.R. and my mom and myself went to see Dr. Olson, the 2011 doctor of the year who diagnosed Lucas' injury. Since he is a pain specialist he is not allowed to sign the insurance form, although he and a doctor he was training laughed about Lynch not being able to find the injury, which they described as "the size of a breakfast sausage."

Last Friday (which was also around when two of my cats were stolen and taken to the pound, thus draining us of well over $200), we did see a doctor who found the injury and seemed quite willing to sign the form.

This morning we found out that he changed his mind because the claim is supposedly TOO OLD to be opened by now. And we're supposed to get a LOT of money in back pay and paying for Lucas' back! Well, at least we didn't lose the cats!

With no money at all, we are being forced out of the house by our landlords, who scammed us out of $26 grand using an invalid contract, which they are now trying to pretend never existed.

And, just tonight, some beady-eyed crackhead stole my iPhone5 and wallet from the women's locker room.

So, that's the state of affairs just now. If you've wondering why I haven't been writing about science, well, constant stress has a tendency to take one's brain out of commission.

Even though I'm otherwise healthy and usually getting enough food and sleep, and Lucas is now remembering and apologizing for all the terror he put me through when he believed that I hated him and was trying to kill him, I'm having a tough time recovering.

I really, really could use a hug. For now, I've been focusing more on learning how to control my mind -- and other's minds -- with hypnosis. I'm planning on continuing to learn at TAM as I practice on people. :-)

I would consult my Facebook account for further stuff that's been happening, however Facebook is having some sort of error and won't work. Which is annoying, because without a phone, that is my only way of contacting people.

Yes, I did change my password and closed other sessions, so it's probably not the crackhead.

Anyway, I hope I have better news tomorrow. I keep thinking there's a light at the end of the tunnel. My life's been full of drama and trauma practically since I was born -- continual crazy making / torture at home, school, hospitals, etc. I'm 32 already and think I deserve a break from the gaslighting and pointless bodily suffering!

Also, not a bad time to become a hypnotist! So, I'm going to work on my state of mind now.

Hoping that when I come back to Blogger, it still exists. Also hoping that I can access my draft posts and finish them, as I wasn't able to before. Slow internet connection, I think. Anyway, life is crazy, so time for some hypno flashcard therapy! :-)


  1. HANG IN THERE, and cyberhugs coming your way! (Dawn in Ohio saying hello)

  2. HUGS. That's a lot for annyone to be put through. Do what you can and stay healthy with your head above water.

  3. Big hugs and kisses. You can have even more if you come to the UK!

  4. Thanks, all! You guys are so great, and I didn't even see your comments until just now. CYBERHUGS BACK! I have managed to survive once more!

    Hi there Anonymous Dawn!! We should talk!!

    Chad, that sounds really nice. I shall have to come to the UK sometime :-)


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