Friday, November 16, 2012

Unidentified Flying Insects flit across the sky over Denver!

It is of utmost importance that people across the nation get a chance to see the strange, suspiciously moth-like crafts which wing their way over Colorado! Hence, CNN made this video:

An aviation expert can't identify them because what they need is an insect videographer. Couldn't you just choke on the fluff?

I'd have thought up more to put in this post, but dammit... First, I thought I'd be blogging more today because I made plans to, but then I wound up distancing myself from someone who wanted to see me today, and now I'm occupied with them anyway because they're begging me to see them. (You know, because I'm that awesome to hang out with.)


If only everyone had a true friend, then even the people I don't like won't want to steal me so much. Creeps.

This video reminds me of my own friendships -- we're all the ones who were not like the other children.

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