Sunday, October 21, 2012

Picturesque prelude to my vacation Back East

Whatever the noise is that was driving me crazy (see last post), it's subsided enough that I've been able to put together another photo post, as well as continue writing fiction. Yes, I've been branching out quite a bit!

Before I get started on the photos from my recent trip, I have some more lovely picturesque subjects such as the busy beachside, three skittish cats, and bees knocking one another over to get at one of my neighbor's passion flowers:

oct 027

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The beginning of October brought bright, crisp mornings with glistening spider webs and ivy flowers budding like pale green mutant jacks:

oct 003
It's too late, they've already populated the world.

They aren't the only thing of interest near the deck, besides the bald patch in the grass marking where the chicken coop had been torn down for no reason at all. More visually interesting, however, are the kiwis that will never ripen, hanging like so many fuzzy aborted fetuses:

oct 004
Stopped in mid-development, these fruits will tragically never generate plants of their own
-- nor become a juicy green snack.

I also spent a fair time on the beach, as usual, watching the various folks at play. Some people were even holding onto giant kites that dragged them across the water:

oct 008
Whatever you do, don't let go!

Closer inland were plenty of seagulls, which were leery of people giving them invisible food.

oct 011
I see what you did there!

While hanging on and making sure your kite doesn't get away from you, it's important not to crash into giant boats with gaping maws.

oct 012
Or is that only what ferry tales are made of?

This one is headed off into the land of dull sky and blindingly white water, which looks much more dangerous than it is.

oct 013
Thanks, polarizing effect of the atmosphere!

This photo reminds me of my amusement whenever someone asks me why I'm reading material that's in Spanish.

oct 014 - Harry Potter en espanol
¡Porque yo hablo español, perra!
¡Como no lo sé!

Ah, here's one of my passionflower-honeybee photos!

oct 016
Stealth Bee lays low so as not to arouse suspicion of the plant's unsuspecting stamens and stigmas.

So, if bees facilitate plant sex in exchange for nectar, does that make them a bunch of harlots?

oct 019
What's more, harlots that are into bisexuals!

So slutty were these insects that every one of my passionflower photos includes a bee, whether I noticed it at the time or not!

oct 022
Give mama some sugar!

Some photos even had two bees!

oct 030
So, I guess that would make this a threesome?

Nearby, in the alley, were my cats -- one stalking the other.

oct 034
I know you're watching me!

Dilly is now showing more interest in Vada, although not as much as Rusty. So, here's hoping that Vada never runs her off.

oct 035
FluffyCat stalks her quarry.

Little did Dilly know, she was being stalked by Mr. Yoboshi!

oct 037
Hooray for auto-focus!

When a neighbor came out of her house across the alley, the cats all disappeared from sight, with Dilly leaping over the fence and Yoboshi presumably ducking under:

It was probably that evening that I was in a bar, making fun of songs. You know, because lyrics generally lend themselves to that.

The next day, I was curious about the pin on this cowboy hat. Hmmm, what could that be, let's see, maybe... SATAN?

oct 040 - Maybe... Satan
And those must be HellFlowers!

Other mischief that day included stealing these amazing-looking green grapes from behind a fence, peering into a vacant house, and chasing the BeachPigeons -- which I at least got some video of:

There were also many BeachCrows and Seagulls about, although notably there were a large number of boats, including the Coastguard. There was even one guy on a board whose kite had run out of wind, so even though he was still hanging onto it, the kite was in the water were it can double as a flotation device.
` Here's a video of all this, as the guy struggles through the frigid water to get to the searingly hot sand, where many young people are playing volleyball and BeachCrows are looking for scraps.

Although the guy had been swimming for some time, he didn't need any assistance in getting to shore.

oct 043
Although, as you know, BeachPigeons can be fierce when their prey is in a weakened state.

I forget what his native country was, but apparently where he comes from, people routinely kick bird's asses and drag large objects out of the sea.

Proud to say that this post took a mere two hours to slap together (yes, really), and soon, I should have my first vacation post up and ready for all to see. It's not science, no, but at least my pictures continue to be awesome.

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