Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I has a new kitteh for my catteh -- mostly short videos!

Lou Ryan's mom, the day after accidentally erasing my science blog post, singlehandedly bought Lou Ryan and I some much-needed new footwear and a kitten, all in the same day!
` (She had offered to get us a flatscreen TV, but we said that we would rather have something more practical. And we all know how practical kittens can be!)

As one would predict, the catteh doesn't much like the kitteh:

june 2172 Vada and Dilly

Watch what happened when the kitteh and the catteh met for the first time:

I didn't name her, but her name is indeed Dilly, and this actually went better than with Rusty, the last kitten we got for Vada. Let's just say, he became such great friends with Vada that she apparently drove him off.
` Luckily, Dilly is not the kind of cat who prefers having her nose in Vada's ass all day long, so they'll probably get along better.

If you weren't already sick of the videos I posted last time, of Vada running around, now's your chance to see Dilly running around!
` I call this game, 'De chase de kitteh'! The name makes no sense, but de kitteh is sooo cute! Meanwhile, you can hear Lou Ryan and his mom playing with Vada.

Poor Vada continues to be dejected, although we've been playing with her, too!

Giving Dilly a human-back ride, but still haven't quite figured out how to stop recording correctly, as you can see:

Maybe these videos are stupid -- I swear I'm not trying! -- but at least they have movement and sound, such as purrrrrrrrring and Vada running away in disgust.

 Here she is curled up on Brianade's lap:

june 2187 Babbeh kitteh!!

A funny thing about her is, she climbs up on the furniture, sits right at the edge, and then falls down. Then, she climbs back up, does something awkward, and falls down again, like she's doing it on purpose! Example -- although she didn't climb back up:

I'm glad that cats don't really feel embarrassment, or she would haet me forever for posting this on the internets. That, and her habit of eating my hair!

She mews at me when she can't climb up my leg, especially when I'm doing dishes! Here, she learns that towels aren't as climbable as they may seem -- which is great because she loves falling!

Vada continues to not like her:

She spends a lot of time on the roof, here, curling up in the pots.

june 2314

Something tells me this is how she mellows out -- no wonder she doesn't jump through my window anymore!

You know, the beauty of video is that this post took me about ten minutes to write, but it would take longer to read/watch, due to the fact that pictures are worth a thousand words, and far more so for videos.
` Since I also took some great photos/video when I was in the pride parade, that might be another thing to bring up here, since I'm all about the human rights, although may want to experiment with YouTube for that.
` See, this is how I gain my internet skills -- semi-goof off, learn how to do something new, and then later I can put together some kind of educational video or something, sometime in the future. Even though my camera's video function sucks.

The hoardes of homosexuals and their allies can wait, however, since I'm about to delve into this blog's drafts for science content.

OMG, Dilly was lying on the chair next to me and I scratched her ears, and she just fell off! Something tells me this kitten isn't the brightest. Now she has climbed up next to me and is mewing and purring and emitting aromas.

Looks like I have the perfect science writing partner.

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