Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I still have my 'dedicated face' on....

Arrgh, I have so many drafts, because there's a million things to write about! Maybe I'll just make a post that's all my shortest drafts smashed together incoherently? Seriously, though, it's like my bloglife is passing me by!

(Edit: As it turns out, there's much more to life than just blogging. Checking out the wildlife around my house, for example...)

apr 168 Eagle still in the lead!

Making more than one post a week may have worked when there was nothing important for me to do, but now I spend my time with school and athletic endeavors, spending time with other people, and cleaning up after practically everyone in the house. (Kudos to cool roommate Brianade for collecting the dozens of garbage bags and gathering them up in contractor cleanup bags for free garbage removal day!)
` Yesterday, superhero Lou Ryan said he thought he was the only one who cleaned up the garbage that was thrown on the counter instead of the garbage can, but I let him know he's not the only one!

Speaking of Lou, he didn't get the part of Sasquatch for the Brooks shoe commercial (too bad, because that would have been funny -- perhaps it was because he was too short?) but he did get the part of a hop-head in some big-time movie. It may be a small part, but he will at least be in the credits!

I've also been spending very long chunks of time working on making my own planner-organizer, for keeping track of school, blogging, other projects such as music, opening and responding to email, keeping house, etc.
` I also spent a huge amount of time cleaning out my bedroom closet for the first time, washing six loads of laundry (including my clothes that have been in storage for over a year) and putting much of it in the closet, as well as preparing Spanish-teaching tools for Brianade, which has also taken way too much time.

However, every time it seems as though I'm not making much progress, I think about my crazy roommate. Take his latest crazy behavior, for example:
On March 28, he was called in for an early shift or some such, and called his job back to say that he was running a little late.
` Literally an hour and a half later, he was still getting ready when he received a call telling him not to bother coming in because someone else was on the job.

Way to drop the ball, dude! And how, pray tell, did he manage to do that?

There is one thing I know for certain; instead of throwing on his clothes, he took a shower of 'only' 55 minutes -- his usual time at that point had been 75 minutes.
` Next day, two of the Everett group of friends showed up at the door at about 11:30 in the morning, in an old bread truck, on their way to go picking through the 'free' piles of old stuff that people were displaying on their sidewalks before they get picked up by the free garbage removal trucks.
` They said that my crazy roommate had told them he'd be ready by ten in the morning -- despite being an hour or two later, he still wasn't ready. Luckily, this time he was able to throw on his clothes and make himself a peanut butter sandwich in little more than ten minutes.

Evidently, I don't have this kind of problem -- instead it would seem that I just give myself too much to do for my brain to keep track of.
` And of course, when my thoughts are interrupted, as when I'm blogging and the other roommate, the drunk one, turns on his music, I either move or stop what I'm doing because the pain of trying to make my brain work just hurts too much.

It just so happens that my brain is hurting a lot from trying to make it work, but as Lou is watching hockey at the other end of the house, I think it would be best to spend some time listening to music and editing and uploading the rest of last month's photos, which I've also been neglecting!

Edit: Accomplished! Even so, over two hours later and said roommate is still blasting his music.

Nevertheless, I have some cool pictures, and thought I'd add a few highlights to this post. Here's the time the neighbor girl came over whilst I was taking pictures of the garden:

apr 178

 Eventually, Vada came out from hiding to check out the mini-greenhouse that Lou was constructing.

 apr 180 Vada comes by 

The Magnolia tree:

 apr 183 Magnolia blossoms 

 Look closer:

 apr 185 Spider/magnolia 

Vada is displeased that I'm not photographing her:

 apr 189 Vada/magnolia 

 Lou crossing the street downtown:

apr 195 Lucas crossing street, ferry 

Crazy pink flowers on our deck:

 apr 210 Pink flowers in morning 

Another stunning sunset:

apr 223 Pretty clouds at sunset 

 Meanwhile, on the moon:

 apr 224 Meanwhile, the moon... 

 A boat race that I could see over the neighbor's roof:

apr 228 Sailboat race! 

And those are only a few of the last photos in my April 2012 Flickr set! I'd better go now, though. It's time for me to make dinner, and we've got a beaut tonight!

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