Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A typical, non-horrible Monday

There's laundry in the dryer after midnight. I'm the culprit. This is especially bad, because the roommate who resides directly beneath my office -- the alcoholic one -- had slammed the dryer door at 4:30 a.m. last night, thus waking up Lou Ryan, who had been sleeping on the couch with his feet up (because of his back), and got up and turned off the dryer. This morning, he told both roommates not to put anything in the dryer at night. What kind of an example am I?
` (Then again, Lou right about talked my ear off just now as I was trying to write this, so it's not like it's cutting into his sleep.)

Why did I put laundry into the dryer this late? I don't even want to write about it now that I'm tried from nearly losing my ear in a cascade of phonemes, but it seems like such a good story that I'll stay up all night if that's what it takes! After all, my life is no bed of magnolias....

apr 135 Magnolia blossom

This morning (that would be April 16), I got up, literally wrote my plans for the day on a sheet of paper, had some breakfast and conversation with the crazy roommate, checked my email/Facebook and got around to about 5% of the stuff just from today (yesterday), before moving onto the last couple of Spanish homework items (due at noon), which require my sense of hearing, yet there was a very loud sound, because the main bathroom's fan is about the loudest set of whirling blades from 1968 in this damn house, which only throws me into a rage if I insist on controlling my ADHD enough to do Spanish under these conditions (in other words, I can't, and refusing to accept that makes it worse), so I just did something else that doesn't require my ears.
` Just as I was getting back to my homework, the never-drunk-but-always crazy roommate got in the shower, thus turning on the fan again, and I stood by the door and listened to him talking to himself about his life's obsessions. Although he got out of the shower when his half-hour alarm went off, he didn't get out of the bathroom for another half-hour, which was when I left for school.

So, I didn't get my homework done, but at least I did well in class, then visited with Donny B., psych professor who thinks I'm fascinating, who helped me to figure out whether or not I'd earned my degree and then apply for it again, which took a while because I had to fill out the form and write the classes down at the only table in the lobby, which is right next to a big constantly-screeching box which knocked me way off-kilter, then had to re-do it and list all my grades a well, which I did in the hallway that time, on the floor, finally turned it in, and after that my brain was so addled I forgot to cash the check from NBC -- it's about damn time! -- but then I drove home, pausing to greet the neighbor girl I hadn't seen since last Monday, who was riding her new bike, ate a decent-enough meal at home, and then socialized with Lou a whole lot, greatly looking forward to not being interrupted by him all evening because he was on his way to Ju-Jitsu and Aikido.

So, I went back to my plans, which looked great on paper, started with putting a load of laundry in the washer, but as I began to tear through non-internet Spanish practice so as to help me on my test on Wednesday (as I haven't studied much since last Wednesday), I got caught in conversation with Brianade, which wasn't actually annoying because it oscillated between being important and/or cool. He got to making cornbread and I didn't realize the passage of time until 8:30 (a.k.a. 20:30), when I realized we ought to get to the gym before time runs out, so we did, and then went to the store, talked a couple of minutes with this checker I sort of know named Bevin-Anne, and it wasn't until just before I took a shower around 11:50 that I realized I'd forgotten about the laundry in the washer and put it in the dryer.

And that's why I put the laundry in the dryer this late.

So, do you see how easy it is for me to not have enough time for science blogging without even having a horrible day? Not that I haven't written about various examples before this....

And now, a non-sequitur photo of DeckFlowers -- a reminder that it's also spring, and I love spring, especially since I don't have allergies associated with horny plants!

apr 133 Flowers on the fence

Twelve hours later:

It's technically now "today", I've just transcribed this blog post from a sheet of paper to my computer, and have also just uploaded my newest pictures, after editing them on a different computer, because I don't have the means on my laptop, as GIMP is definitely not the right program for this job! I was interrupted by a call from a counselor at my school who wanted to know about my plans for transferring to a university, and immediately after that Lou came home from work and burst into my office.
` Apparently, Lou finally got his commission from Gold's Gym! Which is where I'm going to work out soon. Yes, we're slowly on our way to becoming rich, just as long as everyone pays what they owe. Too bad Gold's dropped the advertising service after being informed that all their ads would be pulled from lack of payment for four months.

In other good news, Wilton is doing as well as ever, and this time there's only very few cigarette butts in his pot:

apr 134 Wilton very shiny today

So, this is my life. And I'd better do some damn Spanish today after the gym because I won't have a chance to later since I'm going to the skeptic's meeting where they're having some creationists expose us skeptics to some supposedly-new evidence for their view of the world, and I'm dying to see how they rationalize away their arguments -- with front row seats and dinner to boot!
` This may be entertainment for me and Brianade, but Lou says he doesn't want to come because he would just wind up beating the creationists up for their fallacious arguments! He says that his best way to support skepticism is to support me, even though they really don't notice when I tear them a new one.
` I imagine that if Lou went to a creationism debate, he would stare at the creationists in the same way that Vada stares at other cats.

apr 129 Vada stares down Gray Kitty

That event, of course, shall be my next post! Until then....

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