Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vince Lynch interviewed Rob today!

I had hoped to complete a science post for today, but no can do -- I'll explain below. Today was exciting, nevertheless, I got to listen in as famous street hypnotist Vince Lynch interviewed my best friend/hypnotist Rob, for being one of those rare people who does street hypnosis.
` It's such a big friggin' deal that he conducted this interview at one in the morning, UK time, which is 5 pm here. If you've never heard of Vince Lynch, he's all over the YouTubes -- here's the first video I saw:

Anyway, he interviewed Rob via Skype about what Rob has done -- street hypnosis among a group of people smoking or even on stage -- and a bunch of other stuff, oh I don't even remember, as I could barely hear Vince.
` I wrote down in my blogging notebook about how Rob does it -- 'Frame control, making the hypnosis about the subject, step into their hologram, use ego hooks. Importantly, though, Rob can hypnotize anyone, and most hypnotists can't even do that. How does he do it? Because he starts off with set and setting, pacing and leading, and 90% of his work is done before he even says a word.
` In fact, his only real 'pre-talk' is, "Hey, I'm a hypnotist, who wants to see something cool?" Then he misdirects the volunteer by asking them superfluous questions (witch-doctoring) and that overloads their brain so that their critical factor is distracted and taken off-line just long enough for him to hack into the person's mind.
` Mua ha ha ha ha ha!, as they say.

[Edit: You can listen to the whole interview here on Lynch's website. Finally, I can hear Vince, as well as some weird background noises that I can't identify.
` Also, I've noticed that each time I listen to the podcast directly from the 'Robert Schryvers Interview' page, it suddenly stops playing and then the 'Luis Zevallos Interview' page loads up for no apparent reason. If the same thing happens to you, I've found that scrolling down and then listening to it from the list of podcasts, here, prevents that.]

I should also mention that after the interview, Vince was wondering why Rob isn't rich and famous already. He should be, considering his skills -- I bet even Igor Ledochowski isn't able to hypnotize everyone he tries to!
` Then, Rob taught me how to do a handshake interrupt -- first, you misdirect ('witch-doctor') the person by getting them to stand a certain way (compliance), ask them which hand they use, then get them to start to shake your hand, then grab the hand a certain way (with your other hand) and turn it towards their face.
` Once you have the person's gaze fixed on "the hand" (calling it "the" causes dissociation), mention how their eyes are becoming unfocused and tell them to close their eyes, tap the back of the neck and say "sleep".
` If done right, the person is so focused on the sound of your voice that they will fall right into you and you have to tell them to stay on their feet.

As for why I'm not doing a science post, well, as soon as I got home, I knew exactly what article I was going to complete. I had over an hour, my headspace was just right, which is very rare.
` I moved the radiator into my office so as to make it less freezing cold and then had myself a snack. Fifteen minutes later, my office was warm enough to enter without a winter coat. I went straight to my computer and began finishing the article.

And then... it happened.

All was going well until my computer unexpectedly shut off and rebooted all on its own (and no, it wasn't even Windows Update this time, because I'd just updated it!). So, while I was waiting for it to restart, I went back out and ran into Brianade, who had some good news to share with me -- yay!
` Then, I actually did a half-hearted handshake interrupt on Brianade, and it worked -- I actually had to catch him from falling forward! Never hypnotized anyone before, so w00t! I snapped him out of it by saying, "The deeper and deeper you go, the better you feel, hypnosis, hypnosis for every meal!" and, slumped over as he was, he started laughing.
` He thought that was the bees' knees.

Anyway, then I let the cats in and tried to help Vada to stay away from Dilly. Dilly was content enough to follow me back to my office, so I let her -- when she started peeing on the magazines I keep in the corner of my room! (She's already pooped on them, so I was angry but not entirely surprised.)
` I picked her up by the by the scruff of the neck and she kept peeing, so I flung her out the window onto the roof, where it was raining, just to teach her a lesson. Then, Lou Ryan wanted to get her off the roof via my window, but by that time I realized I only had fifteen minutes left to finish the post.
` In his attempts to reach her out my window, Lou was stepping on my papers that the cat hadn't peed on, and since I realized that this was going to completely use up all my remaining blogging time, I forced him out of my room. I say 'forced' because he was insisting that I was being unreasonable for wanting to finish my post instead of break my bookshelf trying to grab at the cat, probably in vain.
` I asked, if he was so adamant about grabbing Dilly, why didn't he use the ladder? That way, he would have a chance of getting her. But he refused.

After shutting the door, almost on his foot, I then was able to access my post once again, only to find that any work I had done on it had not been saved for some odd reason, and so I'm writing this instead.

And my time was up ten minutes ago. Gotta go.

Update from midnight: I tried to grab Dilly from the window, but only wound up breaking the top of my bookshelf even worse than it already was, so I sent Brianade up on the ladder and he grabbed her right away. Right now, I am hiding Vada from Dilly by letting her sleep in my laptop bag.

Although I haven't been the greatest at keeping people out of my office so that I can blog, I wanted to mention that I've finally earned my "bitch stripes". You see, I'm notorious for being very nice (not to mention, spazzy), and for having a huge heart.
` This is why so many crazy roommates of mine, not to mention my psychotic abusive dad and all sorts of other people, have been able to make me feel horrible if I tried to defend myself from them.
` I was finally able to tell off a certain local podcaster who was being a manipulative prick. I analyzed his techniques, Mad Science Writer style, called him a "narcissistic douschebag" and told him to "fuck off". Then he tried to explain that he didn't mean what I thought he meant, which I apologized for, assuming that he was even telling the truth.

And then, he pulled the ol' "I don't have long to live" trick on me, and made light of the fact that he was going through a really tough time in his life. As I'd never been so confident in standing up to someone before, I felt that perhaps I'd gone overboard, so I checked with someone else to help clarify what was going on.
` Understanding that he's said he wanted to kill himself in the past, I illustrated for him how I managed to get through all the abuse and torture and crazy living situations that have only recently relented, and actually gave him some tips on how to be more grateful for being alive and how to take control over his life other than ending it.
` He refused said advice, and did not answer my question of why he was telling me he wanted to commit suicide instead of just blowing his brains out, so I counseled him to get a mirror that would make his dick look really big and then jack off in front of it.
` And then asked, if he killed himself anyway, would he leave all his stuff to me?

(Yes, this is what was going on in my last post, by the way!)

And I never apologized for being a bitch to him -- it's easier not to do when you don't live with the offender. Also, Rob, an expert in influence, congratulated me in all this. W00t! So I've done both hypnosis and telling someone off without apologizing to them! There may be hope for me yet!

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