Monday, November 12, 2012

Proposition: A post every four days

Of late, I've been out and about and not very focused on blogging, especially actual science blogging. I'm writing a science fiction novel, that's why. However, I need to do research for my novel, which I can write about here, so that's how that fits in.

I'm thinking, though, that I may have to post about every four days that I have both internet access and quietness, because I don't, always. And it's not just the leaf blowers:

To give an example, I've been gone for most of the past two days and am about to be off again -- to the post office to mail an important letter (certified), to the gym of course, and then onto Bremerton to visit Wesley the Atheist Nomad, and perhaps interview him for my own podcast.

Oh, that's another thing I've been doing. So yes, I've had to restructure my activities quite a bit. Tomorrow I'll be home more than today, so I'll see how well it all works.

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