Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is not working the way I'd expected

So, I've been spending a lot of time writing just one post for this blog. Not only have I not completed that task, or any other blog post, I also haven't quite completed my Spanish homework (which I've had a week to do!), I have done zero Spanish with Brianade, the house is a mess (then again, I don't get much help cleaning it), I haven't checked my email at all, I haven't applied to any jobs, and I think my library books might actually be overdue for the first time!

Gasp! What horrors my life has become! Not only that, but today I wasn't able to make it to the gym because the neighborhood kids have used their pesky sleds to turn the only streets that lead out of here into insurmountable ice slopes, so I've spent most of the day trying to get some exercise.
` I say 'trying to' because after shoveling some snow off the street, "skiing" down a giant hill to get to the store and then trudging up it again, doing hundreds of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups, and spending hours "racing" our piece-of-junk stationary bike, both forwards and backwards, I feel as though I should be getting on my hiking boots and going for a jog!
` Or at least drink the vodka we bought today in order to replace the nearly-two fifths that had mysteriously disappeared overnight. Can you believe only one person was responsible for this feat?

It's funny, I used to literally sit around for twelve hours a day and write, because I was too messed up to actually go outside or do anything normal, and would put together about one post per day! Now that I'm considerably more functional and can write more coherently, and of course my quality of life is orders of magnitude better, yet I can't even seem to devote enough time to complete just one humongous post -- or today, even sit down to speak of!

Am I mad to think I'll ever become a science writer, of any kind? I'll say this; I'm going to be shoveling more snow than everybody else, tomorrow, even if I don't actually have a snow shovel!

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