Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brilliant Idea: I can use this blog TO SHOW OFF!

You may ask: Isn't that what blogs are for? What I mean is, My Man Lou Ryan has given me this great idea: Use this blog to show editors what I'm made of -- portfolio-building, in other words.

Great, now all's I have to do is WRITE SOMETHING and it'll be so!

Yesterday, I was going to write about Galileo's fight to promote the theory of the aforementioned Sun-Go-Round, but my research kept being interrupted by the necessity of breathing in deep and coughing as loudly and annoyingly as possible in order to scratch my trachea.
` So then I got the idea that it would be better to write about Why Sinus Infections Go South, specifically into the bronchial tubes. And then I thought -- why all this thinking?

Then it occurred to me -- I didn't worry about figuring out what to write about in bygone years, because there's so much I CAN write about. What I didn't count on was that finding topics to write about is easy, but deciding which one to choose is difficult.
` This actually wasn't much of a problem in my early blogging days because I had all day to write about practically every topic I felt was worthy. As time went on, and my life became less focused on blogging, I would wind up starting far more posts than I could finish.

In any case, I've spent the day thus far cleaning up all the dirty dishes and bags of garbage which magically appear when I'm not feeling well enough to clean much, as well as organizing my own space, getting down to the college to set up a payment plan, and getting to at least a few emails.

So far, so good, but when do I start the actual writing/researching process? Although I can't be writing three posts a day, that doesn't mean that science blogging doesn't have a place in my life -- in my scheduler, I actually made such a time slot in my schedule, between teaching Spanish to Brianade and taking my karate class.

As for right now, Brianade and I best be getting to the gym and the library, but I'll be back in two days with something special!

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