Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amazing developments since The Amazing Meeting

Do I ever have an article to write. For the first time in nine years, I've regained control over the amount of sensation that I feel in various parts of my body, which I'd been blocking out due to trauma all this time.

I have also stopped grinding my teeth while asleep and no longer need to wear one of those stupid (and expensive) mouth guards. How?

On the very first day after returning from TAM, I went to the Skeptic's Meetup where the speaker was Robert Schryvers, a very skilled hypnotist, who talked about what he does as a hypnotherapist, and then made up a stage routine on the spot for our amusement.
` We became fast friends and he's been teaching me how to do what he does, and has helped me shift my beliefs and emotions concerning mental blocks such as serious traumas so that I don't experience the symptoms.
` Because these things really are all in my head, I can control it far more than I had thought, and he's showing me how. Now I'm able to use what I know to help others in their daily struggles, just by talking to them and asking certain questions.
` Amazingly, I got my grandma to open up to me and then help her, which I never expected to be able to do. What else can I do through the power of influence?

Check out his website, West Seattle Hypnosis, and look at the specific words and language patterns used therein -- you'll find they are quite... hypnotic. OHNOEZ!!

As for me, other than spending a lot of time working on such things and learning the psychological tricks of the trade, I've also been out of the house a great deal and cleaning it when I'm in, working on a podcast and other projects (no spoilers!), and lying flat on my back/swimming in Puget Sound whenever the heat kills my brain so much that I can't talk intelligently.

Three days ago, the weather became much cooler, but I've still been hanging out with neighbors, cleaning, and organizing my office pretty much the entire time, rather than blogging. I should have more time now, although I'll be helping to build a chicken coop onto the side of my house starting at 9 tomorrow morning, and then afterwards not even being home, so don't expect a huge post tomorrow.
` Soon, yes, but not exactly tomorrow.

Anyway, do check out Rob's site. That's all for now.

Later: I've had to make several small edits -- because I needed to spend more of my time blogging! Right? Or I would have got it right the first time!
` And I would have made most of them earlier if someone hadn't barged into my office, crying over some completely insane shit happening to him, and then some sort of weird pseudo-landlady/insurance agent shitstorm knocked on our door, and then I had to scan some documents to help bail us out, then spent five minutes thinking that I was being yelled at for doing it wrong when I was only being thanked, meanwhile my Windows update stealthily turned off my computer for ten minutes... SRSLY?

WTF is wrong with people? Windows is easy to explain, but people will always be incomprehensible to me. Here I'd thought I had escaped the craziness -- but one never really does, do they?


  1. Happy to hear you are making progress with the hypnosis.

  2. Thanks. I didn't even know it was possible until he explained how it worked.


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