Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've literally just uploaded all my TAM photos and videos...

Running until three in the morning, it's been a most time-consuming process, and well-worth it. After all, The Amazing Meeting 2012 has been by far the best experience of my entire life.

TAM 090
TAM-goer asks question at SGU recording. And Geeeeoooooo!

I went to sleep just after my last post, and woke up at 7:30 this morning. After giving all the photos my standard editing with the old (and noisy!) PC, transferring them to the external drive, then uploading them from there to the (non-noisy) laptop, I proceeded to watch and title videos, while finishing uploading some camping videos that didn't upload properly the first time around for some reason.
` This video-watching (and correcting) was interrupted for about four hours while Brianade and I were fascinated by the talent of the speaker at this month's skeptic's meeting (where I got ten minutes of mic time for TAM discussion), but afterwards I finished up the videos, then uploaded and rearranged it all online. Didn't even go to the gym or anything because I was so worn-out from both physically exerting myself and only sleeping about 8 hours at TAM.

A lot of famous people were there, and among the best-recognized were the magician duo Penn and Teller. As you can see, at Penn's Rock n' Roll Doughnut and Bacon Party, there were all manner of recording devices, from cell phones to iPads, and I'm only just beginning to find myself in other people's photos and videos online!

Plus, I got some really bitchin' photos from the airplanes!

TAM 327
It's the safest way to see the top of Mount Rainier!

At least I'm done uploading all this stuff. Post-writing starts tomorrow.

Expect it.

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