Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretty shiny lights distract me!

The other night, I woke up with flu-like symptoms at four in the morning, but forgot all about them when I saw this:

feb 029 Long exposure moonset over water

The night air felt warm to me, so I stood outside staring at the black rock drenched in white sunlight, and its reflection, and thinking about its effect on the earth's tides.
` I was out there for literally about three minutes when Lou Ryan came out and started griping about how I was out on the deck at four in the morning, just to look at the moon -- which wasn't "even full yet!" Feeling much ashamed for my strange behavior, I went back to bed.
` [Edit: He was actually just joking, it turns out! Phew!]

The next night, after working on a blog post on bird evolution and flappy dromaeosaurs, I spent a mere 15 minutes editing my newest photos so that I could put them up on Flickr this morning, but I've only gotten around to that now. Truth be told, I've barely done anything today because I feel unbearably drowsy and sore.
` I would have even helped with the garden-digging/grass transplanting today (as I had last week), but just wasn't up to it. Really, I was hoping to have something up before someone like oh I don't know, say, Michael Shermer, were to come along and see my blog.

Here are the subjects I have in store for February/March: Pareidolia, Dinosaurs Evolving From Birds (and evolution's hilarious detractors), My Life Story of Brainwashing, Galileo's Troublesome Sun-Go-Round, and maybe Memetics. Oh, and since I live with a Kent Hovind fan, my comedic take on Kent's "Doctoral Dissertation", just for him!
` Maybe it would be faster to just find something for my first edition of "It Came From The Slushpile!" or "Where Did I Go Wrong?" Also, since I now have a scanner, I would like to re-do my Corrigendopedia illustrations where possible before I continue working on that project.

We'll see just how much comes through. And if anyone has some advice for how to complete huge blog posts without neglecting physical hygiene, I would appreciate knowing about this!
` [Another Edit: Truth be told, I had directed Michael Shermer to come here, in hopes that someone who constantly churns out articles on science and critical thinking could give me such advice. It didn't work. But he did thank me for drawing his attention to a crazy documentary, at least.]

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